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How do you innovate?
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Modernise the Future Together

It can be hard to truly innovate. Inventing the future is never easy. The future often comes from unexpected sources. Innovation may come from within a business but for many they do need support. Innovation can simply mean thinking differently in the way an organisation approaches problems. Today, new ideas must be designed to combat issues and also create solutions to problems that may be faced in the future.

Our Mission

Creating constant and valuable interaction between Entrepreneurs and the Hospitality Industry and exploring opportunities for collaboration and partnership. It can be hard to truly innovate – inventing the future is never easy. Innovators need Corporates to support them through trade and investment and Corporates need innovation to keep pushing the boundaries of progress, develop new ideas and ensure the best for their customers. The marriage between the two is essential and epinnovates.com is designed to both promote new ideas, innovation and develop and nurture this relationship.

The Robin Hood Campaign

EP launched the Robin Hood Campaign in 2016 to encourage large companies to embrace and support the innovation and disruption created by smaller companies. Running a business can be the ultimate adventure and test of character. It requires many very special personal traits allied with great ideas, products and services. Hospitality has a long history of great entrepreneurs, great innovation and wonderful people and this website will showcase that of the next generation and support their talent and great ideas. A truly Robin Hood outlook to create positive change.

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