AVEQIA is an interactive cooking and events venue passionate about the power of food in bringing people together. We provide and develop inspiring meeting places where everyone can partake. These meeting places foster strong relationships and rapport and never compromise on quality. We work with ingredients that are sustainable and are by large organic with a small environmental footprint. AVEQIA London is located in a listed building in the heart of The City with dedicated bar and lounge area leading to five state-of-the-art kitchen studios, each with adjacent dining areas and supported by professional chefs.


It all started on a napkin in South Africa

In 1996, after a number of fantastic years at Operakällaren under Werner Vögeli, one of Europe’s most well-known chefs at the time, I was asked to start working at the Swedish Foreign Ministry. This gave me a great opportunity to further perfect my skills when arranging larger events. I cooked for the Swedish Royal family, the Prime Minister and the Government offices and arranged special dinners for Heads of State, high profile business people and dignitaries from other countries visiting Sweden.

In 1998 I was recommended to travel to The Cellars Hohenort in South Africa to work with Jean-Christophe Novelli, a French/British multi awarded Michelin-star chef who introduced modern cooking as we know it to the world. After 100 days I started to flag a bit, if I was to continue at this pace then I’d be dead by 40!

During this time the trend of building open kitchens, where guests could watch the chefs at work, was all the rage. There was a great curiosity to know what happened behind the doors in the restaurant. I noticed that the guests liked to meet the chef, share knowledge and ask all sorts of questions about the recipes and learn the art of cooking a great sauce.

This was the birth of AVEQIA as an idea: a new kind of restaurant where the guests could cook their food together with the chefs. Fun cooking and guest contact in the same concept.

In Latin “AVE” means welcome. “Q” stands for Quorum which was the minimum number of participants in a deliberative assembly. “I” stands for Inspiratio which means inspiration. “A” stands for Accubo which basically means: to the table!


AVEQIAs key players – our chefs:

We are extremely proud of our Chefs at AVEQIA, because even if good produce, a fantastic venue and a great concept equals a good start it would never work all the way without the wonderful chefs who lead you and your guests through the activity every step of the way sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.

They all have experience from some of the best restaurants in the world, and that is an important factor in securing the level of gastronomy. What truly sets them apart however, are their social skills and ability to engage our guests in the creation of something truly exceptional.

Bryan Kelly
Bryan has cooked with some of the greatest exponents of Modern British food – Jean Christophe Novelli and Daniel Clifford in the UK, as well as Peter Gilmore and Lennox Hastie in Australia.

Jean-Marc Zanetti
Jean-Marc has worked at 3-star Michelin restaurants in the South of France and 2-star restaurants in the UK with Michael Caines at Gidleigh Park and John Burton Race at The New Angel in Devon.

Linda Galloway
Linda Galloway trained at Leiths’s school of Food and Wine in West London, and worked at River Café and Chez Bruce. She loves sharing techniques and flavours with guests.


Connecting through gastronomy.

As you enter AVEQIA, an open staircase takes you down to a dedicated bar and lounge area which leads to five state-of-the-art kitchen studios, each with adjacent dining areas. The kitchens divide into different sized spaces that will host parties from 8 to 100 guests. The venue is also home to a modern, inviting bar where you can begin or end your event with a great selection of fine wines and spirits.

The venue is perfect for larger parties or events, networking events and press-and product launches or filming. It is also possible for you to hold a conference here, and if you do we are able to provide all the expected conference equipment.

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