Bespoke Textiles

Bespoke Textiles

Helping you communicate your brand through textiles and designer uniforms at high street prices, luxury service and the highest quality items. We source, develop and supply unique uniforms, aprons and napkins to heritage and hospitality brands globally delivering over 50,000 custom made textile items every year to our clients. Make a great first impression, you and your brand only have 7 seconds. Consumers are really conscious when staff feel awkward in their uniforms, it comes out in their service. 86% of what you and your business communicates is non-verbal. Why waste your only shot in making a great first impression? What you wear, how you wear it, your body language and attitude are all summed up in those first moments.


Staff love unique uniforms, aprons, napkins, blankets, cushions and clothing and take more pride in wearing and displaying them. We are recognised for Designer uniforms at high street prices luxury service and we are known for the highest quality items, which we always inspect ourselves, in person and on time. Imagine benefiting from better engagement because staff felt congruent to their customers and environment? An example of how powerful style can be on brand image and service is Virgin Atlantic who commissioned Vivienne Westwood to design their uniform. Did you know that adding your garment label or branding makes your uniform legally tax deductible? With hospitality having higher staff turnover than any other industry, we provide clarity on better features for fit, sizing and reorder ratios to keep you clothed and comfortable! As experts, we take you through a unique 6 stage process making it easy and enjoyable, to have your style essentials ready and repeatable. We can even connect you with a storage and pick and pack delivery service!


Katie Young Gerald is the Founder/Director and passion behind Bespoke Textiles. With over 25 years’ experience in luxury fashion and textiles, Bespoke Textiles are all about creating beautiful purpose lead garments, uniforms, aprons, napkins, blankets, cushions using a long established sustainable global supply chains. We have an invaluable expertise in fabrics, garment design, technology and manufacturing. Our skills and knowledge are firmly rooted in sourcing, developing and supplying luxury textiles and clothing through a tried and tested network of British and overseas family owned factories and a global relationship based on trust, respect and quality which has spanned more than 20 years. Katie prides herself in having built many of these relationships first hand, after living in Hong Kong and London, UK.


No one ever thinks they have a uniform problem until they have to deal with it. We take you by the hand and co-create your ideal solution and explore what your brand style could look and feel like. So what are the problems businesses experience? Lack of consistency: Most people cannot find what they want in the shops or off the shelf. Standard supplies can be dull and dated plus fashion retail changes every 6 months, so you can’t often buy the same again. This creates a huge headache for managers, £1000s on wasted costs, not to mention huge confusion to your brand identity. Engagement: Statistics show staff are more engaging when they feel that they fit in and the result is they sell more, serve better and stay loyal for longer. Fit and Supply: Over 75%- 300% of staff leave in Hospitality, including the uniform! New bodies arrive in different shapes and sizes and need to have the right fit and style available. Embracing diversity of body shapes and being able to know how to best dress them, improves self-esteem and team moral. “Bespoke Textiles provided an excellent service to us – superior design and product quality always delivered on time with a clear forward plan to cope with our growth. No doubt will be my go to person for future endeavours.” Roberto Moretti | Bill’s Ex Managing Director

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