Chef's Eye

Chef’s Eye

Chef’s Eye is the brainchild of father and son team Ronnie and Daniel Truss, who both have extensive experience within the hospitality industry. Ronnie is a trained chef who ran kitchens at the Connaught and Claridges, opened restaurants across London and more recently set up pioneering EPOS system Quadranet, while Daniel …


The cost of food waste to the Hospitality and Food sector is £2.5 billion.… Their experiences in various kitchens showed them that there should be a solution to food waste that is easy to use, doesn’t cut into chefs’ time and make a real difference to the running of the business.


Co-founder Ronnie Truss: “Between us Daniel and I have years of experience in the hospitality industry, and we’ve both seen first-hand how much food gets thrown away and how much it costs businesses,’ says Ronnie. ‘It’s sometimes unavoidable, but often it’s completely unnecessary – I’ve spent years as a chef, I know the issues. We just wanted to provide an easy option that uses technology to save time in busy kitchens, and allows the business to save money and cut their environmental impact.”


How does it work? Chef’s Eye works via a simple system of scales on which food waste is measured, and an iPad where the chef will select the product that’s being thrown away. Wastage is calculated by weight, and chefs get a detailed report where they can see where they can easily make changes to help reduce what is thrown away, making a valuable difference to the environment and saving the business money

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