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City Munch

Lunch. The best time of the working day. A chance for everyone to take a breather, catch up with colleagues and chow down on something worthy of the work they put in every day. It’s our aim to make lunch as good as it possibly can be by connecting amazing food, great discount offers and hungry customers. CityMunch is an outsourced office canteen, curating the most interesting lunch spots around London and Manchester. There’s a premium version of the app that’s available for corporates as an employee perk only – with better deals, at more places which will put a smile on all employees faces by putting exclusive discounts of up to 50% directly in your team’s pockets.


The inspiration for Robert came when he tried to find a solution to help fill his friend’s restaurant with the intention that City Munch would get more people through the door without having that horrible feeling of eating in an empty restaurant or the headache of wasted food for restaurant owners.

By connecting venues and potential customers in real time, we can help manage demand throughout the day. With every promotion, you create opportunities to encourage new and repeat custom by extending peak times, boosting sales during down times and reducing end-of-day food waste.

With very few restaurants being full at all times of the day and customers often finding it difficult or daunting to find genuinely interesting and delicious lunch options, City Munch has taken on the market to solve this problem. By cleverly connecting customers and great independent restaurants by offering diners exclusive, real-time and time specific discounts at restaurants and eateries you get happy customers eating interesting and delicious food and a flourishing independent food/restaurant market.

CityMunch helps eateries reach new audiences with ensuring the right offers reach the right targeted audience thereby increasing footfall and lunchtime satisfaction. It also helps employers and organisations reward staff by giving staff access to CityMunch Premium which offers genuinely interesting lunch options for your employees, which is local to their location and within their budget. Currently 59% of CityMunch customers use the app at least once a week.

Lunch is a great thing as it helps promote people getting out of the office and team bonding – two important things for any employer wanting a productive, healthy and happy team. And happy people do more, according to Warwick Uni.

As a restaurant or eatery nearby offices are often a primary source of repeat customers. The CityMunch platform allows you to connect directly with neighbouring firms and create specific promotions for them.

CityMunch’s Analytics platform helps you learn about your customers. Discover what promotions work best for your business, and how you can use time-targeting to optimise your demand profile throughout the week.


Rob started CityMunch as a solo founder in 2015 and after a lot of talking, listening, trying and building he launched the first version of the product in 2016. Thanks to the financial (and moral support) and assistance of friends and family – and a few interns, they have grown quickly to a strong team of six and are continuing to expand quickly as they move through London.

Manchester is next on the cards for CityMunch’s expansion plan and they are due to launch there on Monday 2 October. In London, it’s a case of expanding area-by-area, by organising launch events and they


CityMunch is an app based product that is the most flexible offers platform on the market that there is. The product is very simple. There’s a 10 minute set up time for restaurants and gives restaurants and eateries freedom to make changes in real time in no time at all.It attracts customers exactly when you want them, on your own terms. With already 250 restaurants in total across London, Bristol and many more coming on board there are currently c. 8,000 monthly active users / 25,000 downloads.

The unique features about the product are:

– Through the unique Community feature, restaurants can ask their CityMunch customers questions. They can obtain unbiased, rich, demographically split feedback within a week. Ask them to rate a new menu item, ask them what they think of the speed of service or the new decor. They’ll tell you quickly and easily.

– It can be used for getting rid of stock at the end of the day, with targeted push notifications warning the most relevant users of deals that are relevant to them.

– Restaurants can manage every aspect of their offers in real time through our Merchant Mobile App and target offers to surrounding businesses directly with CityMunch Premium, and through our employee benefits partners.

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