Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Daily Dose is one of London’s leading organic cold pressed juice wholesalers, a company unique in that every drop of juice is made right in the heart of London. Their organic produce comes from New Covent Garden Market, just 10 minutes from their Battersea pressery.


George founded Daily Dose in February 2016, aged 23, after he discovered the mighty power of juice on his drastic weight loss journey. After shedding a massive 5 stone, he jetted to LA, home of the juicers, to find out all he could and bring it back to London. George soon realised that what we were lacking in London was really fresh cold pressed juice, so he got his hands on a juicer, set up shop in his parent’s kitchen and started experimenting.

Many taste tests and even more kilos of apples later, the shortlist of 5 cold pressed juices were ready to be pitched to cafes around South London. The positive reaction was so overwhelming that George realised that he had tapped in to something really quite unique. The demand for juices meant that the one-man-band quickly outgrew Mrs Hughes-Davies’ kitchen and the table-top juicer, and relocated to a production unit in West Dulwich.

Fast forward a year later to October 2017 and Daily Dose’s Headquarters and pressery has moved once more, this time to Battersea, where they have a 2500sq. foot state-of-the-art production facility, complete with a walk in fridge, production kitchen and 3 massive cold pressing machines.

Daily Dose is growing every week and showing no signs of slowing down; the team are collaborating with personal trainer extraordinaire, Matt Roberts, and opening their first café in his Mayfair studio at the end of October. The Matt Roberts and Daily Dose teams have been working closely with their experienced consultants and nutritionists to develop bespoke smoothie and shake recipes that not only taste delicious but also pack a serious punch of proteins and healthy fats.


The first 6 months were filled with rapid expansion and a steady stream of cafes keen to stock the juice, which meant that George, who at this stage was the sole produce buyer, juice maker, delivery driver, salesman and accountant, was extremely busy. In September 2016, when the resources of George’s time-generous friends all started their jobs, Daily Dose hit a milestone and hired Olivia, their first full time employee. Olivia is officially Head of Marketing, but she is an unofficial contributor to Sales, Business Development and Operations. Olivia looks after the Daily Dose branded side of the business, whilst George is responsible for expanding the large white label side.

Heading up the café team will be Dan Allott, who earned his stripes as Whitechapel Grind’s head barista so is well able to take the helm at the Matt Roberts x Daily Dose café.

The Daily Dose HQ Team has now expanded to comprise of George and Olivia, 5 brilliant full time production staff and 2 stellar drivers. The company is still growing every week and they’re still mega busy, it’s just a bigger busy team than it was this time a year ago!


After receiving complaints from his local supermarkets about repeatedly buying up the entire stores’ supply of cucumbers/kale/apples/ginger, George started making twice weekly midnight visits to New Covent Garden Market. The wholesalers at the market took great pleasure in discussing the particularities of one variety of apple versus another: sweet or tart; juicy or drier; crunchy or softer, to help George work out which apple was the best juicing apple.

As much of the fresh organic produce as possible is category 2, meaning that it is slightly wonky or too big/small to be sold in supermarkets and would otherwise be thrown away! George was baffled by this shocking wastefulness, so he resolved to rescue as much category 2 fruit and veg as possible, to give it a home, and turn it into some seriously punchy juice. Even as it has grown, Daily Dose has upheld sustainability as a cornerstone of the business and continues to rescue wonky fruit and veg. Waste of surplus food is a global problem at the moment, so Daily Dose even makes sure that their surplus isn’t wasted; lots of it is baked into organic breads, cakes and cookies by the duo Plenty Vegan then sold in cafes across London – some cafes stock both Daily Dose juices AND the Plenty Vegan organic juice pulp cakes! Anything that isn’t given new life in a baked good is taken away by our farmer friend, Andrew, and fed to his livestock on his Surrey farm.

The Daily Dose product range has come a long way since the original line up of 5 cold pressed juices and an OJ, and the team have worked really hard to develop a range that would have something for everyone. Their recent relaunch revealed the evolution from the original line up to now comprise of 6 organic cold pressed juices, a further 3 non-organic juices, 5 organic nut milks, 2 cleansing waters, 2 shots and a coconut water!

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