Digital Artisan Kitchen

Digital Artisan Kitchen

0% food wastage by design – pioneering industrial kitchen technology. Robotic kitchen where 80% of manual cooking tasks are automated. Individual, customised vegetarian/ vegan meals cooked to order – one module and two chefs can produce 120 meals and hour. Raising funds. Patent pending. SEIS pre-approved.


“Breakthrough innovation, extraordinary results happen when people decide to finally break the standards or the norms of their industry or professional field…” (Dr. Paul Rulkens) If you are High Street fast food vendor or B2B operator, what is breakthrough, next big thing, next curve? Customization. Robotics. Automation. At Digital Artisan Kitchen we are pioneering robotic technology that incorporates all that. Technology, that can save over 70% on manual labour cost, is easily scalable and adaptable worldwide, operates in sustainable manner, very efficient and compact. We are over year old, seed stage UK start-up that is currently on a mission to raise funds to build full scale prototype. Patent pending, SEIS pre-approved.


Our aim and end goal is a successful vegetarian / vegan food franchise, that uses robotics and automation to serve individual, customized and cooked to order tasty, nutritious meals at a competitive price. Virgil Naslenas – Founder London based inventor/integrator and former head chef with 18 years of city fine dining background.

Nutrition, Taste, Sustainability matters

Why The benefits of eating fresh, unrefined, plant-based food, while consuming appropriate amounts of the least damaging types of fat and unprocessed salt, are well documented. It is well known, that fresh vegetables, when cooked from raw and eaten with minimal delay thereafter, will retain the greatest amount of nutrients and fiber.

How We only use a stainless-steel cookware, gentle heat and brief amount of cooking time. We add the cooking influences from around the world and vegetarian or vegan food becomes delicious and exiting.

What Individual, personalized hot meal that is cooked to order within 6 minutes or pre-ordered for pick up at time that suits you.    

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