The world is changing and undergoing renovation – one such area undergoing its own renovation is the temporary staffing agency. GIG is the mobile app that enables you to find shift work round your lifestyle and get paid within 24 hours. Swipe away hiring costs…GIG is the mobile app that gives you full control to post shifts on-demand and on the move. The working world is changing – The modern workforce is looking for flexibility over and above long-term stability. Reducing traditional barriers, GIG provides a fresh, new-age employment market that gives full control to you, the provider, to hire the way you want; on-demand and on the move. Managing seasonal demand changes with a wide range of skill sets, GIG can cater to all your growing demands, whether it’s for a few hours or a full day.


Two years ago my brother Daniel and I opened a sushi shop called Maki, near Spitalfield Market, with an aim of bridging the gap between restaurant and high street quality. Maki brings top quality sushi to the masses allowing people to design their own by mixing and matching from our house flavours or going fully bespoke.

Maki showed us that there was a want from millennials to plan work around their lifestyle and a need for shops (like ours), hotels, cafes and bars to find workers for various types of shifts at short notice. We noticed that most of our employees wanted to work flexibly to fit earning extra cash around either their studies or busy social lives. Our trade increased dramatically over the summer, which meant having to hire extra staff on inflexible part-time contracts.

So we co-founded GIG. GIG creates a temporary shift work marketplace by connecting businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors with millennials looking to flex their working lives more readily around their lifestyles.

Business in hospitality have long since adopted the model of recruiting temporary staff to manage seasonal demand. However, they have been held at ransom by every growing costs with an extreme lack of transparency. The alternative approach of doing it yourself however doesn’t leave much to be desired either – dealing with part time or fixed term contracts, having to add and remove staff to the payroll, sort out payslips, deal with tax, NI, Holiday pay and complete a right to work check to name but a few of the tasks involved.

Now, for the first time, mobile technology is helping to create a truly on-demand service whilst providing greater transparency around costs and potential staff. Not only does this technology help to streamline a very manual industry it also makes it more accessible again to both business owners and work seekers.


Daniel and Anthony Woodcock are co-founders of GIG and are currently dedicating their time and energies to developing both the gig concept and brand across the UK with a future vision to enter the Continental European market.


GIG is the mobile app that enables employees to find shift work round their lifestyle and get paid within 24 hours. For employers it provides an opportunity to swipe away hiring costs…GIG is the mobile app that gives you full control to post shifts on-demand and on the move.

In addition to the above GIG is an efficient, cost effective shift based marketplace and provides a platform that works in favour of both the work seeker and work provider, by focusing on flexibility and immediacy.

The technology we have used has enabled us to remove unnecessary middle-man process and connect the business and worker directly, empowering businesses and workers to make their own decisions about who to hire and where, when and who to work for.

Smart companies are those that recognise that disruption is inevitable and adopt it as an active business strategy. It’s now time for industry leaders to recognise that the modern workforce is looking for flexibility over and above long-term stability. The working population is the technology population, and the opportunity that mobile technology now offers enables businesses to rethink their entire staffing strategy.

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