Hi Flavour Lo Hassle Hi Veg Lo Meat Hi Impact Lo Footprint HiLo – What A Mouthful! Big tasty lunch pots filled with all-natural products making up to 5 of your 5 a day in 1 pot. Flavours celebrate the taste sensation which is multi-cultural London – the are NO boring bites. New ratio of Hi Veg Lo Meat filled with locally sourced fresh veg, less but far better free-range meat and lots of V (veggie) / VE (vegan) / GF (gluten free) / DF (dairy free) options – Welcome to stealth health.


HiLo is a fledgling family business founded in 2016 by siblings Jasper Wight and Tiffany Arntson. Jasper runs food, operations and funding, while Tiffany leads brand, comms and sales.

Designed to make it easier for office workers to eat better, affordably and sustainably, HiLo pots are for those who are time-pressed yet don’t want compromise on taste, nutrition and convenience.

While flavour is at the forefront, the siblings believe accessibility and convenience are integral to shifting eating habits. They hack food production systems, traditional retail solutions and routes to market to create a more relevant solution that’s also sustainable.

“The business of food shouldn’t be elitist; eating well should be accessible to all. Enabling mass appeal and mass value is what drives us,” says Tiffany, formerly a Director at The Future Laboratory.

The first HiLo shop opened in August 2017 at 1 Broadgate Circle, near Liverpool Street in London. Seed backers include Mark Wood formerly of Hakkasan Group and Gordon Ramsay. The duo are currently seeking investment to enable retail growth and product expansion.


Since his early days at Ballymaloe Cookery School and family supper clubs, Jasper’s food is known for being experimental, remarkable and lots of fun. In 2004 he saw an opportunity to innovate fast food for Londoners and in 2004 founded Chop’d, famed for starting a new fresh category, and now with 17 stores.

The big point of difference that led to HiLo stems from Jasper’s wife and four children, a combo of meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Feeding their diverse needs on a tight budget and exploring their views on eating and living sustainably shaped his family’s Hi plant Lo meat diet, one that’s better for you and better for the planet.

“Industrialised meat can’t continue to be our mainstay, it’s fundamentally unsustainable,” says Jasper. “Most people want to eat more healthily yet healthy food is often seen as niche, overpriced and dull; it’s easy to see why many default to their familiar, which is predominantly meat based. HiLo closes the gap between aspiration and reality with a one pot flavour invasion.”

He turned to Tiffany to develop his idea, calling on her expertise in brand development, comms and sales to define the proposition and reach target customers. Through deliveries, sampling and selling in co-working spaces, events catering, pop-ups and a weekly subscription deal, the siblings are building a loyal fan-base.


Menus change weekly but the core is always the same:

Speedy Grab+Go pots for those hard at work Seeking affordable, tasty, nutritious and convenient food With little brain time to think about it

Flavours inspired by multi-cultural London Think punchy Jerk and saucy Satay Smoky Chilli and fragrant Asian aspects

Pots stay fresh for 3-4 days Store a stash in the office fridge for easy access Saving time, money and brain ache

Each pot has up to 5 of your 5 a day A balanced meal with a full nutritional breakdown And specific benefits, from Hi Energy to Lo Sat Fat

10 HotPots and SaladPots change weekly Split 50/50 across Lo meat and Vegetarian High quota of VE, GF and DF

Hi veg Lo meat
Layers of fresh veg, complex carbs and protein A new ratio of Hi veg Lo meat All natural, no nasties, no boring bites

Stealth Health
Delicious, nutritious and slightly seditious HiLo pots fly the flag for stealth health Tasty food that’s good for you and for our planet

Livestock farming is a major contributor to global warming By using less but better quality free-range meat We help lower the carbon footprint

Made in our Spitalfields kitchen with care Prioritising British produce, using eco packaging Reducing food miles, costs and waste

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