Jackpot Peanut Butter

Jackpot Peanut Butter

Jackpot Peanut Butter was born out of an appetite to abandon everyday thinking, do the unexpected and innovate simple ways to make people happy. So, in 2015, when our sister apparel company challenged us to make London’s best peanut butter to promote a line of T-shirts, the answer was easy. Why not? Once you go jack, you never go back.


It may sound like a backstage scene from This is Spinal Tap but the humble jar of peanut butter has emerged as an unlikely supporter of the live music scene. Throughout the history of music, the spread has played a constant role, featuring on band riders from Aerosmith to Zappa. Iggy Pop smeared himself with the stuff on stage, and Elvis famously consumed industrial quantities until he left the building. Times and fashions change; faced with an increasingly uncertain commercial future for live music venues, London start-up Jackpot Peanut Butter is committing to ensuring the virtuous relationship continues by signing up to support the Music Venue Trust as the music world’s first official peanut butter. The deal will make the brand a permanent fixture on band riders in grassroots venues across the capital, with plans for a collection of special edition venue collaborations with profits shared to give a welcome boost to the live music community.


A brainchild of the friends who share a background in music; the brand has developed a cult following through distribution in a network of coffee shops who developed a liking for its punk attitude. Mark Davyd, CEO of the Music Venue Trust said. “Music touches so many parts of our lives that we think there must be an incredible range of potential supporters for MVT’s work to protect, preserve and improve grassroots music venues. The fact that Jackpot feel the same way we do not only means this will be a fantastic partnership, but also that they are happy to lead the way in demonstrating that if you love something you can find a way to be involved.” Rupert Leigh, Jackpot’s Founder said. “There is no more rock & roll food than peanut butter. In uncertain times, we all need to support the independent scenes that make big changes from the ground upwards. It’s important we’re able to play a part in continuing that story.”


We make Jackpot Peanut Butter at our Bethnal Green kitchens by hand feeding double roasted salted peanuts, a little rape seed oil and nothing more into peanut grinders imported from the US. This simple, analogue method gives our peanut butter a natural taste and unique creamy consistency. Jackpot’s traditional production, generous 500g serving size and vintage Bazooka Joe inspired bubble gum label conveys classic Americana, but is always presented with a hint of London attitude. Like a three minute record, the greatest joys sometimes come from the simplest ideas.

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