Kokoa Collection

Kokoa Collection

Kokoa Collection is the award winning hot chocolate and flavoured sugar company which having won numerous Great Taste Awards and Academy of Chocolate awards continues to delight through indulgence within the retail, online and hospitality industries. Using only the best single origin cocoa beans and ingredients from around the world – Kokoa Collection provide a complete hot chocolate solution that increases profit margins whilst improving the experience and enjoyment for your customers – there is a range that will quickly become a favourite.


Kokoa Collection hot chocolate deviates from the norm – its signature design is that of small disks of chocolate rather than the customary flakes or powder making it instantly recognisable. Disks makes the recipe a lot easier and saves cafés from using too much or too little. This methodology saves money, and it is no surprise that it is a hit with coffee shops, retail and contract caterers who specialise in delivering to large companies such as Disney and Sky.

The premium chocolate comes from a wide array of countries and each has different cocoa and sugar contents which means that there is great variety in the taste and texture. As the awareness of what good quality chocolate can bring to artisan coffee-shops grows the industry is responding to that and putting a greater emphasis on the product, alongside coffee and tea. Hot chocolate, of course, is usually seen a luxury item and not as a staple pick-me-up like coffee or tea. It is the epitome of indulgence a treat which is all the more reason for the chocolate served to be proper and not the powdery or flaky chocolate that many places still seem intent on using.

While the growth in artisan coffee has seen a substantial growth in knowledge and variety, chocolate hasn’t moved the same way. Each origin has a distinct character and you can taste the difference in plant varieties.


Paul Eagles is the passion behind and founder of Kokoa Collection. His passion for chocolate began at university where is dorm room always had a steady supply of chocolate – using it to brew is own recipes and experiment…much to the delight of his fellow dorm mates.

With a love of travel, Paul visited various countries and, especially in Spain and Italy found a much higher quality of chocolate than was available here in the UK. Experimentation and blending opened Paul’s palate to the vast range of tasting possibilities in chocolate, something that was behind the creation of Kokoa Collection and he has put to good use.

Paul doesn’t see himself as part of the chocolate industry but rather sees his company as fitting into a wider community around the coffee or café industry. He started out working for Esquires, a chain of independent coffee shops, on the product sourcing and new business. This made Paul realise that the one area that people hadn’t really addressed was chocolate.

As part of this effort to grow and share knowledge, Paul has launched the UK Hot Chocolate Festival, inspired by a similar event in Vancouver. The aim is to promote not only hot chocolate, but to showcase its versatility alongside other ingredients.

Just as there is a good story behind every good coffee Paul believes that there too is a good story to good chocolate.


ivory coast

Ivory Coast is a delicious white hot chocolate, sweet and creamy with natural vanilla from Madagascar

210g retail bag
1kg foodservice

Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa beans globally. For the white hot chocolate we have selected their cocoa butter from the forastero beans for a smooth creamy texture. We only use natural vanilla in our production for a delicious flavour that was recognised with a Silver Award by the Academy of Chocolate!…


Venezuela is a light hot chocolate with 58 per cent cocoa, light and sweet with fruity notes.

210g retail bag
1kg foodservice

The Venezuelan cocoa we use for this hot chocolate are a mix of two varieties criollo and trinitario beans. They are selected from three quite beautiful regions – Sucre, Sur de Lago & Barlovento. Acadamy of Chocolate, Bronze Award winner


Ecuador is a delicate hot chocolate with 70 per cent cocoa. With a perfectly balanced flavour it has floral notes

210g retail bag
1kg foodservice

For many Ecuador produces the best chocolate in the world. We have selected their wonderful Arriba Nacional beans for our hot chocolate. At 70 per cent it is perfectly balanced bittersweet where the two flavours meet giving a delightful hot chocolate recognised by the Great Taste Awards.


2015 GOLD Award Winner at the Academy of Chocolate and Gold Star at Great Taste Awards. Rich hot chocolate with flavour notes of ‘roasted hazelnuts’. New packaging now available in Retail Bags. Dame Marie is on the Western tip of Haiti. By sourcing our cocoa direct from the farmers with an increased subsidy we are helping support the local area.


Full bodied hot chocolate, low in sugar.

210g retail bag
1kg foodservice

Madagascan cocoa is mostly grown in the Sambirano region in family owned farms that many have been looking after generations. Despite the high cocoa content of 82 per cent the high quality trinitario beans lead to a finished drink that isn’t bitter and has a great flavour. Compared to a typical hot chocolate this has a low sugar content. Awarded Great Taste Award 201

flavoured sugars

Refill packs 300g for foodservice Choose from these flavours to compliment your hot chocolate..

Rose sugar
Orange & Cinnamon
Gingerbread Spice

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