Nix and Kix

Nix and Kix

Nix & Kix add a little ‘wow’ factor to the soft drinks market with their all natural, no added sugar ingredients. The drinks feature a unique discovery element – a hint of cayenne chilli. The chilli not only helps to create great tasting drinks but also delivers a sophisticated touch that replaces the usual sweetness of soft drinks and helps to naturally keep calories low. Made from the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients – the chilli is sourced from a ranch in Bedfordshire – Nix & Kix come in three exciting flavours, Mango & Ginger, Peach & Vanilla and Cucumber & Mint. Unlike many other soft drinks brands Nix & Kix do not add any sugars or artificial sweeteners. Through research and development, they have achieved below 4.8g sugar per 100ml with the drinks also being vegan friendly.


For too long, soft drinks have been an ugly sister to alcohol, to functional drinks and to fresh juices. There’s been a serious lack of imagination, experimentation and passion. The ‘usual suspects’ have dominated this space on fridge shelves for so long with sugar filled limited options – not giving much choice or excitement – that’s the problem Nix and Kix have made their mission to solve…and add some kick to.

The kick comes from the addition of capsaicin (the hot bit) in chillies which has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties. Even better though: it also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling. The chilli flavour kick added to our drinks means we can also keep the overall sugar content much lower than other soft drinks as there’s something else more exciting going on than just ‘sweet’.

Our name is a very simple way of saying what’s inside our drinks and what’s not: The Nix: No refined sugars, natural and low in calories. The Kix: The highest quality ingredients, expertly blended with a subtle cayenne kick for depth of flavour and a surprising twist.


Back in 2004, Julia and Kerstin had a chance encounter after sitting next to each other on a plane to London which resulted in a friendship, partnership and from which a business grew through their common entrepreneurial spirit…although it would take us another ten years and another chance meeting on a plane until that turned into; what is now known as Nix & Kix.

After finishing university and working a few years, we went travelling and exploring different cuisines and cultures. Chillies got our attention as they are a part of everyday diet in many parts of the world due to their taste and health benefits. In 2014 we set up a lab at the back of a small shop in Shoreditch to experiment with different flavour combinations with the goal to change the mindset around soft drinks for the better.

We wanted to create drinks with exceptional flavour, great refreshment and a host of chilli-driven benefits that can actually make your day.

And so Nix & Kix was born.


Mango & Ginger


Two other carefully blended ingredients that is. Full bodied and rounded mango is partnered with earthy ginger and a touch of cayenne that provides the extra sparkle to make your taste buds dance.

PERFECT SERVE: Pour chilled over cubed ice and garnish with a slice of chilli on the rim of the glass.

Peach & Vanilla


Fleshy peach is accompanied by subtle caramelised vanilla notes finished off with a slight chilli tingle. So smooth and refreshing, it will never cause any problems with the flavour police.

PERFECT SERVE: Pour chilled over cubed ice and garnish with a chilli slice on the rim of the glass.

Cucumber & Mint


Green cucumber skin style notes are paired with a cooling freshness from garden mint and a contrasting warmth from the chilli to achieve sassy yet classy taste while keeping calories low.

PERFECT SERVE: Pour chilled over cubed ice and garnish with a slice of chilli on the rim of the glass.

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