Philpotts Dowding

Philpotts Dowding

Phillpotts Dowding is a creative design studio that offers bespoke fashion and interior design. The company founded in June 2014 under the supporting young British talent programme back by Red Ribbon Asset Management. We offer luxury and bespoke interior services for residential as well as commercial clients. Our bespoke tailored designs, are manufactured by Carter Savoy which has over 20 years of experience creating suits at the standard of Saville Row.


In all walks of life we are witnessing a fusion of styles from around the world. It is certainly happening with food and with the interior designs within hotels, commercial units, soft furnishings and styling. There are few with real vision for this fusion but there is some exciting new talent emerging that will bring new ideas, the Philpotts-Dowdings for one.

PD Ltd started with all things interiors first, where the logo was designed and the brand identity created. Afterwards Natasha joined this passionate and visionary business and a fashion arm to the business created.  We then began pitching for projects together both in London and abroad, successfully wining various projects including the refurbishment of the infamous Castello Del Nero. The fashion line was then introduced to Carter Savoy who is assisting with manufacturing.

Much progress has been made by this startup duo. Natasha is in the process of designing suit packages for both menswear and ladies wear, which includes, tailored suits, cashmere coats and accessories. Sophie has on the interiors side has continued to work on residential properties and is working on various styling projects in and around London.

There are many designers but not many really fresh ideas. We like to believe we can bring a different perspective and thinking and one which will excite our clients. We just think the world is changing and that today people are no longer just influenced by one culture but many and the design of any room or venue needs to represent those influences. People and businesses today are international. They seek to eat a broader range of tastes and flavours and it is the same trend within their homes, buildings and clothes.


Phillpotts Dowding are a pair of bubbly twin sisters called Sophie and Natasha who have a desire and hunger to bring some new ideas to the fore – or if we are accurate, ideas and fashions from the past. Both adoring ideas and styles from Nineteenth century French society but mixed with a broad range of modern influences from all round the world. The really important aspect with design is that one must feel at home within a space from the moment one enters and one must equally feel at home in the clothing worn. They are close friends, creative and love all things fashion and design bouncing ideas off of each other. This is great because we can be inspired by each other’s ideas and opinions, although we are not the same, sort of like refractions, which are similar but go off in different directions, of opinion and thought process.


We are aiming to work on commercial projects together to ensure that both the interior styling and the uniform design are designed under one roof. This will allow the client to benefit from a complete project, where both the interior and uniform design has been considered as one, with links across the materials and style. To create a harmonious relationship between fashion and interiors.

At Phillpotts-Dowding we offer a broad range of interior and fashion services.


1. Uniform

Uniform design can be a tricking subject balancing budgets, style and practicality. However, these three aspects walk hand in hand to conjure the élite uniform for the client.

For the uniform design, the interior design or brand identify is analysed. Then going forward trails of these are implemented into the uniform. As I always aspire to blend uniform seamlessly within the space to create the perfect ambience. Enjoyable and memorable to the clientele.

2. Seasonal

The seasonal lines are designed for our sister company Carter Savoy. Within these lines you can expect to find:

  • Two/Three piece suit
  • Lounge suits
  • Waistcoats
  • Sports Jacketing
  • Shooting & Tweed Jacketing
  • Coats
  • Trousers
  • Skirts
  • Shirts
  • Tuxedo
  • Morning coat

Packages have also been introduced for those who would like a large number of items at once.

3. Personal styling

This services offers personal styling for individuals who are looking to refresh their wardrobe. Personal styling allows for one shop stop creating an easy stress-free fluid process. As I’m sure everyone has experienced the bothersome experience of not finding items in the correct size, or stumbling upon so-so garments.

From creating work attire, occasion wear, casual and sourcing accessories. We are able to create complete bespoke outfits from scratch, completely unique and tailored to the client. We can also offer alterations or repairs to existing items which you hold.


Interior design & styling for residential properties.
Interior design & styling for commercial properties.

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