Rejuvenation Water

Rejuvenation Water

Rejuvenation Water is the World’s first Amino Acid enriched spring water designed the deal with the rigours of modern life. Using crisp Staffordshire spring water, natural fruit juices and a unique Amino Acid profile.


Rejuvenation Water, based in Battersea, SW London, was launched in Spring 2016 by former finance worker, Kris Ingham. Kris spotted an opportunity to provide the essential nutrition that comes from Amino Acids in a convenient drink, without the sugar content of the big brands. Having completed a large crowdfunding campaign in early 2017, Rejuvenation Water has increased distribution throughout the UK and have recently launched into over 100 supermarkets in the Middle East.

Protein Trends

Protein is one of the biggest food and drink trends in the World at the moment. Rejuvenation Water is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend, with our Amino Acid profile aiding protein absorption. Without Amino Acid profile, much of the protein consumed goes to waste. With 5 grams of dairy free protein per 500ml bottle, Rejuvenation Water is one of the most pioneering and innovative drinks on the market today.

The Future

We are excited to announce that we are set to launch the UK’s first natural, functional plain spring water. This will give consumers a natural alternative to SmartWater’s processed unnatural electrolyte water.


Founder Kris Ingham:

“Having launched Rejuvenation Water in Spring 2016, we have made tremendous progress in the market, opening up over 800 listings including Holland & Barrett and John Lewis. In the latter, we sold 738 bottles in the first month in the Oxford Street store, outselling the likes of Vita Coco, San Pellegrino and Liptons. This year, we launched with the Costco and our drinks received a fantastic welcome, selling an average of £700 per day per store, 40% more than Costco’s hurdle rate.”


Rejuvenation Water:

  • Aids Protein Synthesis
  • Fuels the Immune System
  • Promotes Healthy Cognitive Function

No added-sugar, low in calorie and perfect for Vegans/Vegetarians. Available in 500ml PET bottles in three multi-award winning flavours:

  • Apple & Mint
  • Ginger & Lime
  • Spanish Orange

Apple & Mint was awarded the Great Taste Award in 2016 and is the only Active Health Drink to be awarded this honour. Rejuvenation Water was also awarded the Your Fitness Magazine Health Drink of the year 2017. We also were named in the Top 50 UK Disruptive Companies of 2017.

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