Hate queues? Avoid busy establishments because you don’t want to wait? Us too. That’s why we founded WoraPay –  mobile technology to beat queues. WoraPay’s service allows customers to buy food & drink, pay in advance with their mobile and be notified when the order’s ready to collect. Wora Pay has integrated Masterpass, from Mastercard which allows users of WoraPay’s mobile wallet WioPay to pay with a secure, quick, one-click payment.


WoraPay was founded by Vaidas Adoumauskas and Aurimas Bakas in 2012. We’ve been running our beat queues solution for several years now. So as well as providing the technology, we can give retailers practical advice too. Wora Pay is the payments without the queues platform founded in 2012 and specialising in helping retailers to increase sales and profit by allowing their customers to avoid the need to queue to pay. How great would it be to pay for your petrol without having to leave a sleeping child in a car? Or pre-order your drinks at a concert from your phone? WoraPay has made this possible making life easier for the consumer. Making life easier for the retailer – there’s no need to install hardware machines with WoraPay. Our technology runs on tablets. If you give us your menu today, we can launch tomorrow. WoraPay was launched in the Baltics and quickly gained traction securing the biggest retailers as its clients. In November 2015 WoraPay launched the service in UK and has already saved thousands of hours from queuing for the UK customers working closely with Masterpass (Mastercard) and Lloyds Bank, Mitie (Gather & Gather) and ISS – but to mention a few. The service is also increasing turnover and profit for the catering companies and other retailers.    

Vaidas Adomauskas; Tadas Bakutis; Richard Jackson, Aurimas Bakas


Vaidas Adomauskas, co-founder and CEO – Creating great companies, software products and services, happy and motivated teams, healthy startup style organization (despite the size) are my professional goals. Agile and Lean Startup values, methods and practices help me to achieve this every day! Currently the main focus is on building WoraPay – order and self-checkout platform which works with any mobile wallet.

Aurimas Bakas, co-founder – I believe I have always been too young to achieve what I managed to achieve. I was 21 when selling major internet ideas to the biggest advertising agencies in Lithuania was my daily job. I was 23 when I was sent to the UK and Ireland to establish the first foreign offices of the biggest Lithuanian multimedia company Gaumina. I was 25 when many major UK and Irish brand names were my customers. I was 28 in 2010 when DtecNet, the company I managed, won a Gazelle award for 2400% growth during 2007-2009, won an award of The most successful young IT company in Lithuania, went through the due diligence process and was acquired by MarkMonitor, the global leader in enterprise brand protection.

Richard Jackson, MD UK – I am a seasoned international sales professional and leader with a deep experience in all aspects of commercial sales and value propositions to the European digital and mobile industries. Currently working with the WoraPay Founding Team (FinTech) and building the new HQ here in the UK along with finding the first clients and partners whilst generating revenue. Previously founder of Muzicall and focussed on outsourcing a Value Added Service (Music) for mobile operators. This was a Managed Service with a revenue share. These deals were highly complex and very difficult to achieve for a start-up. I secured a multitude of contracts with Tier 1 operators, giving Muzicall exclusive access, for a minimum of 5 years, to over 95m mobile subscribers across Europe. Launched the first European Business Service using Ringback Tone in 2012 here in the UK and we were the first to create multiple mobile apps for this service.

Tadas Bakutis, CTO – 11 years of experience in IT sector – as a developer, system analyst, team lead and project manager. I have participated from small local to large scale international projects. Having different roles during various phases formed my good understanding of overall project implementation process including knowledge of differences and efforts required to successfully deliver variety of them. Different responsibilities in technologically diverse variety of projects are the reason of my extensive technical background and understanding of system architecture, infrastructure, environment details and effect.


WoraPay platform supports many order, shop and pay without the queue scenarios including: (i) order food and drinks to beat the queue and pick up straight away; (ii) shop and pay directly from the self-serve cabinet in the café or the retail store and thus leave missing queue for the till; (iii) pay at the pump without the need for self-service terminals; (iv) pay at the table or order to the table at a restaurant or venue and more. Any mobile wallet (a payment app), including retailers own branded apps, can be integrated and work with the WoraPay platform. WoraPay customers who store their payment details on Masterpass can use the service seamlessly at 340,000 other retailers across the world. WoraPay’s mobile order, shop and pay service is being used by caterers serving other financial institutions, as well as high street brands, who will also have the possibility to use Masterpass.

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