Creating Innovation Hubs

Many companies wish to develop strategies that do proactively engage both entrepreneurs and innovators but often lack both the time and the internal expertise to do this as effectively as they need. So often the desire exists but internal issues and processes create barriers to progress. We create an environment that allows the innovators and companies to trial new ideas and explore new ideas.

Why the need?

It is an old adage that the corporate company needs the entrepreneur as much as the entrepreneur needs to the corporate. It is a natural marriage between the two but it is unfortunately a marriage that is often not given enough attention and without constant care and work it can be an expensive exercise to re-engage with the other side. Corporates and entrepreneurs speak different languages and EP works with both to ensure proper engagement, understanding and mutual support. One Corporate once estimated that they had probably invested 20x more in acquisitions than what they should have invested in early stage support with the same companies which would have benefited them exponentially.

EP’s role

EP’s role is to bring both worlds together for meaningful engagement and innovation and to give a voice to innovation within larger companies. It is to be a broker for an effective marriage between entrepreneurs and companies. To work with companies to understand needs and possible gaps in their service provision, what is important to their clients and ultimately find the right solution for the problem. This in turn requires a trusted process and approach to ensure success. EP works with numerous organisations creating a constant support service that ensures that entrepreneurs are not just engaged on behalf of companies but represented and given a voice. EP also works with Corporates to ensure that they are effectively innovating for the future. We provide mentoring and coaching through the process to best support both the entrepreneur and the Corporate to ensure successful integration of the innovation into the larger company.

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